Ariel sees Eric for the first time


Sasha Fiercely Not Feminist

I relate to this post so much. I too used to apologize for things that I said that I feared made me sound like an “angry black woman” ( a phrase I absolutely loathe), and would quickly let everyone know that I was not a feminist. It wasn’t until this year in one of my classes when we were studying about feminism that I realized how skewed my thoughts on feminism and what it means to be a feminist are.


There is one moment, above all others in college, that I regret the most. Much more than the men, the blackouts, the Hot Topic t-shirts. It took place on the day of my thesis defense.

My creative writing thesis was a memoir manuscript, or at least tried to be. The story followed my first two years in college, a traffic jam of bad dates and evaporated self-esteem. I wore a bright pink sundress to the thesis presentation, the same dress I wore on my first date with Matt, my then-boyfriend and now-husband.

In practice, the undergraduate thesis defense is about as hard-hitting as a preschool gym day game of parachute. Hurray, everyone wins! Your professors lob a few good-natured questions, your friends pretend they read the thing, and no one leaves without a cookie.

A few unmemorable questions in, and my thesis-advisor professor raised her hand. “How would you say…

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The French Diaries Pt. 8: All French Stories must come to an End

Awesome Possum 064

So there is a clear gap between entry 7 and entry 8 of my French Diaries series. It is not because I have some hidden entries that I am keeping secret from you all. These posts were originally for my sister. I wrote to her while I was in France for six weeks so she would know what I was doing over there. After a while we started to talk via Skype so I told her about all the stuff that was going on in my life, rather than write it down. Because of this there is a bit of a gap between the last entry I posted and this one. In fact there is a major gap. This entry was written on my last day in France, which was in the second week of July. The last post was from my second week in June. So . . . yeah, let’s play catch up shall we? Basically I went to many beautiful places–Paris not included 😦 — I made a lot of great friends, I learned a bit of French, and I realized that the Four-eyed Brazilian that I met on the mountain most definitely would never like me. I did happen to get the attention of another male though, although it was not the attention I was looking for (isn’t that always the case). Anyways, this last entry is a long one. I considered splitting it in two but I thought it might be a tad confusing if I did. Hopefully you’ll be able to stick through it. You will receive no judgment from me if you can’t.  Continue reading

The French Diaries: The Fisherkat Edition

So I am coming to the end of my French Diaries series but before I close the curtain on that chapter of my life (don’t I sound so dramatic and important) I would like to show you my traveling companion while I was living the life in France. His name is the Fisherkat, and yes he is an Ugly Doll. The Fisherkat is a creature that is owned by my sister, Tiffany. Upon hearing that I was going to France she felt that it would be of the utmost importance for the Fisherkat to go with me, so that he can see the world. I adamantly refused to let him come along, for he is after all an Ugly Doll. It also didn’t help my reputation as an uber mature 20-something year old if I were to travel with a stuffed. . .well I am not really sure you can call the Fisherkat an animal. Nevertheless my sister was relentless so, to my dismay the Fisherkat did travel with me to Switzerland and France. This post is just a bunch of pictures that documents his travels. You’re welcome.

Random 015

Here I am–the oh-so eager beaver–getting myself mentally prepared to let the Fisherkat out of my room so that Tiffany (my sister) can know that he had a great time in France. And no. . . she’s not eight.

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The Little Mermaid (‘Part of your World’ reprise)

So I am currently working on my post for the Hopeless Romantic of the Month who is–if you haven’t realized it yet–Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Ariel is a pretty controversial Disney character, who also happens to be my very favorite. A lot of people criticize her for dropping her entire life for a man she has only just met so it will take a bit of work to have a sound argument for her. I decided to delay this by posting clips from the movie. I think this may be something that I do more often for my hopeless romantic’s of the month. Here is one of my favorite scenes from the movie. Enjoy.